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the black story.

Specialty coffee is a product we believe in which is why it has accompanied us since our beginnings. We started with a small espresso bar on Gorkého Street with the aim of bringing a new wave of coffee excitement. However, curiosity took over and pushed us to explore even further. Today we are a local roastery from Bratislava with global ambitions. Looking ahead, we hope to build on and expand with what we've created in 2017. Which is to build a brand that is worth following, due to its unyielding and determined team. Thanks to which we are able to push the boundaries of specialty coffee and coffee culture locally and abroad.

Ever Since the beginning, we pride ourselves upon the freshness and quality of raw materials, seasonality and personal approach. We believe that the enjoyment of coffee is more than just about its consumption. It's a lifestyle filled with a never ending amount of new experiences.That's why we've set out on a journey to find unique varieties, non-traditional flavors and an innovative roasting style.

the team.


Strict yet fair, sometimes surprisingly cold and narrow minded with a hefty dose of selfdeprecating humor and a low tolerance to unnecessary questions. He can smell a dirty mat from miles away as well as defects in beans. He measures the TDS by sight and brings together the black. family.


Lots of time has passed since the times he roasted his coffee beans in a popcorn machine at home. He likes to indulge in burgers, beer, filtered coffee and most importantly of all his family. Friendly, humble, sensitive and naive, we call him daydreamer and sweetheart. He’s the first guy to convince us that you can love women and the color pink.




passion and knowledge.

Each member of the team has their own unique experiences from the world of specialty coffee, all of our knowledge combined together is what creates the black we now know and love. Thanks to our passion and experience, we have become two-time champions of Slovakia in the preparation of filtered coffee and to top it all off our Alex is the only Slovak judging barista competitions at the international level. Nevertheless we are constantly finding ways to further improve and develop in the constantly evolving coffee curriculum and trends. All this is accompanied with the aim of bringing you the tasty cup of coffee every single time.

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In recent months I have been spending a lot of time on the road. It was on one of them that the idea of ​​a mildly spicy "election campaign" for our roastery was born. I am a temperamental and…

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