origami dripper air M

17.00 €  VAT incld.

dripper that impresses with its design as well as its taste!

The Origami design dripper was developed and designed by Yasuo Suzuki, who is also the founder of Trunk Coffee café in Japan. His "invention" quickly became popular among many Brewers Cup competitors worldwide, and its universality has also captivated us!

Origami and Hario V60 have approximately the same height. However, Origami offers wider sides as well as a bottom opening. This has a significant impact on the coffee preparation itself. We can better control the flow rate, and the risk of filter clogging is lower. Theoretically, with the same recipe, Origami will flow faster. As a result, the beverage may have higher acidity and purity. In addition to classic conical filters (Hario, Origami, etc.), we can also use Kalita filters. This can replicate the flat brewer and achieve a sweeter and fuller cup with lower acidity.



The larger and more universal size M made of styrene-acrylonitrile resin better retains heat, and the final beverage are juicier in flavor. Don't forget to purchase a holder for the dripper, which is not included in the packaging. You can choose either an elegant one made of acacia wood or a plastic one, on which the dripper holds better.

brand ORIGAMI Japan
material AS resin
recommended filters origami filters, hario V60 filters, kalita wave filters, other cone-shaped filters
made in japan
notice the holder is not included in the package!
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