colombia • las perlitas

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jammy and vibrant with notes of forest berries, peach, dark honey sweetness, blackberry acidity and herbal lemon balm aftertaste

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The consistent quality and unique flavor of this lot called Las Perlitas won us over a long time ago and we are convinced that with the flavors of …. you will love it too!

Las Perlitas translates to “little pearls”. During harvest in Colombia, it is quite common for smallholder farmers to produce high quality lots that don’t quite have the volume to process by themselves. Dry mills usually require 5 or more bags worth of parchment coffee to make it feasible to process through the milling and sorting equipment, but many small farmers produce specialty grade coffee at smaller volumes than this. The quality of these lots is as good or better than many of the larger microlots so it is important to reward farmers for their hard work instead of punishing them for a lack of volume.

This coffee consists of washed Pink Bourbon lots from farmers all over Huila. The lots are selected based on cup score and flavor profile then blended to create an export-sized lot. Identifying and rewarding farmers for their high quality small lots is crucial so these lots aren’t sold for less than they are worth or blended with lower quality regional lots solely based on lot size.

variety pink bourbon
process washed
region huila
altitude 1600 - 2000 masl
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