timemore ice dripper

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super clean and super tasty cold drip at comfort of your own home

An elegant and easy to use cold brew device. With the help of a precisely processed stainless steel valve, you can regulate the speed of dripping, which ensures the effect of slow extraction and the perfect taste of the drink.

náš our preparation procedure.

- you will need 25g of coffee, 250ml of cold water and 150g of ice.
1. Separate the top part with the container and the dripper.
2. Grind the coffee finely, pour it into the reservoir in the lower part and pour evenly with 50ml of water.
3. Place a paper filter over the soaked coffee to ensure smoother distribution.
5. Set the drip valve to approx. 1 drop per second.
5. 5. Add ice to the container in the upper part.
6. Connect both parts of the Ice Dripper and then pour the rest of the water onto the ice.
7. Check the speed of dripping, if everything fits, then in 3-4 hours you will have a cold drip mountain! We recommend serving on ice.


brand timemore
volume 400ml
weight 650g
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