colombia • lord voldemort

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light and floral with notes of tangerine, yellow plum, citric character with green tea-like body and pleasant jasmin finish

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Do you still remember Deiro Garcia and his farm called Lord Voldemort? Last year, when we had his coffee for the first time, he convinced us that he is not only a crazy Harry Potter fan, but also one of the most innovative farmers, and we couldn't resist buying this year's harvest either!

In the Colombian region, Huila, he grows several interesting varieties, but we were again most convinced by the Ethiopian heirloom variety, which offers a clean and light taste of green tea and tones of yellow stone fruits such as peaches and mirabelles. To this is added the typical acidity of citrus peels and the floral aftertaste of jasmine.

Ripe cherries are harvested and proceed to balsear to leave in barrels for at least 48 hours or until the cherry loses its natural color, it goes from red to golden color. It proceeds to pulp and ferment in the same baskets with the leachates from the last cherry fermentation, to finish the fermentation with a pH of 3.8. and then wash it and take it to traditional dryers for 15 days.

variety ethiopian landraces
process washed
region pitalito, huila
altitude 1800 - 1850 masl.
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