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colombia • veronica gaviria

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boozy and floral with notes of cherry liquor, raspberry jam, hibiscus, lavender, pomegranate acidity and pleasant coconut aftertaste

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Another coffee that earned a place in our limited. box is proof that excellence is not only about the well-known variety of geisha. Thorough natural processing combined with the delicious Pink Bourbon variety turned out to be a great combination with a fantastic taste experience! The intense aroma and notes of dark cherry liqueur, hibiscus and raspberry with the acidity of pomegranate and the finish of coconut is something you have to try.
Finca Villa Ligia was founded by Veronika's grandfather, Milton Gaviria, in the village of Armenia in the province of Quindio, Colombia. Veronica Gaviria, who stands behind this coffee, is already the third generation involved in the running of the farm. It covers 30 hectares in the lower part of the central Cordillera mountain range at an altitude of 1400 masl.

The Gaviria family employs only workers from the nearby city of Armenia on the farm, which significantly helps the development of the region and also ensures very good processing quality. On the farm, coffee is processed by all three methods, but more and more often they use natural processing, thanks to which they achieve a complex and juicy taste.

The Pink Bourbon variety is a hybrid between red and yellow bourbon, due to which the fruits are pink in color. In order for farmers to preserve the color of the pink fruits, the coffee plants of this variety must be completely isolated from the others. Cherries are gradually selectively harvested. Before further sorting, they are left to ferment in a closed environment for at least 24 hours. Then the cherries are selected and dried on African beds.

variety pink bourbon
process natural
region quindio
altitude 1400 masl.
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