colombia • finca palmichal

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sweet and syrupy with notes of dark plum, blood orange, red apple acidity and pleasant milk chocolate aftertaste

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As a coffee country, Colombia mainly benefits from its diversity. In this unique South American gem, you can find two oceans, high mountains as well as the Amazon basin. This microclimate combined with the expertise of the farmers makes it possible to produce very high quality coffees. The fertile mountains are home to many farms mostly at high altitudes, which allows for a gradual and slower ripening process for the coffee cherries with very high temperatures during the day and very low temperatures at night.

Finca Palmichal from the farmer Atilano Giraldo is located in the Quindío region of the Génova district at an average altitude of 1,560 meters. The farm covers a total area of 53 hectares. Atilano, who worked alongside his father for years, is already the third generation to grow coffee in this area. Over the years, he has perfected his processes and his knowledge of coffee, thanks to which he produces consistently delicious coffees every year.

This year's harvest stands out for its full and syrupy body, and in the cup you can find notes of red oranges, plums, as well as the pleasant acidity of red apple and the aftertaste of milk chocolate.

variety castillo
process washed
region génova, quindío
altitude 1560 masl.
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