colombia • aponte honey

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sweet and coating with notes of baked peach, milk chocolate, caramel sweetness, red apple acidity and complimenting raisin finish

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Producers contributing to this project grow coffee above 1700 m.a.s.l and their farms range in size between 0.5-1.5 hectares. In Aponte, producers have mastered the art of Honey processing as they have been producing Honeys for 4 consecutive years now.

Growers' production is very small and relative humidity is low. This helps the process as not much space is required, and coffees dry much faster compared to other coffee-producing regions.

The Aponte indigenous reserve is located within Tablon de Gomez, an area now recognized by many roasters around the world. They have their own language, politics, and rules. Only a couple of decades ago they were forced to grow illicit plants by the guerrillas and so it was a very dangerous area, almost impossible to access.

Thankfully, they joined forces and decided to stop economic dependence on drug production and instead replanted traditional vegetables and coffee instead, marketing their own products of indigenous origin.

variety caturra
process honey
region nariño
altitude 1700 - 2100 masl.
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